About Us

 We started TuxyBear after my daughter got married. Before her wedding we searched and searched for an infant tuxedo that wouldn't be too warm for July weather. We purchased a tuxedo and I made a few adjustments. I fixed the pants into shorts and the long sleeves into a short sleeve shirt. Even with the adjustments, the tuxedo was still uncomfortable. A regular infant tuxedo consists of 4 pieces. The jacket was entirely too hot to wear, the shirt came untucked and the bow tie irritated his neck. The pictures with the baby could have been nicer and more comfortable with one of our one piece TuxyBear tuxedos.

So we put our heads together and came up with a one piece TuxyBear tuxedo. The TuxyBear tuxedo is soft, light weight and 100% washable. The snaps on the legs make diaper changing quick and easy. With our one piece tuxedo, you can choose the color of the bow tie and the handkerchief. Sizes range from 0-24 months. Our pictures show how comfortable this TuxyBear tuxedo is for my grandson.

We are also expanding to custom dresses, I have made some for my grandchildren, which are on the website. You can choose the style and color to suit your needs. Your children or grandchildren can have that special dress.


Home Based in Canyon Country , California